What Employers Expect from a Safety Candidate

ASSE Employer Handbook

The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) has created a guide for employers to aid them in hiring a safety professional. Its focus is to empower the employer to hire the most competent  professional. The guide can also be used to give incite to the prospective safety professional on what employers are looking for.

The guide includes:

  • Tips From ASSE
  • Entry-Level Position
  • Technical-Level Positions
  • Manager-Level Positions
  • Director-Level Positions
  • Executive -Level Positions
  • FAQ
  • Interview Guide
  • ASSE Resources for Employers

The tips section offers advice on setting up the interview, and promoting the safety position. It also includes criteria to chose interview candidates. The position sections offers recommendations  on evaluating candidate competencies. For example, for entry level positions ASSE recommends

  • An accredited  2 year safety related degree or any 4 year degree.
  •  Experience from a internship is recommended
  • Basic safety competencies  (IH, machine guarding, LOTO, fire safety etc.)
  • Candidates with a GSP or are seeking an accredited certification are preferred.

FAQ section is geared toward interviewers who are not familiar with the safety profession. Last is the interview guide which contains excellent example question that the safety candidate show be able to answer.

The guide can be found HERE.

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