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I consider myself a rising star. I aspire to be recognized and respected for my knowledge and experience within the safety field. My purpose is to build and foster a safety culture within whatever organization I belong to.

Dangers of Carbon Monoxide.

Dangers of Carbon Monoxide.

Connecticut – November 12, 1993 Two children where sleeping over with the Dulude family for the Veteran’s Day holiday. A malfunctioning gas furnace leaked carbon monoxide gas in the night.  Gasping for breath, Mr. Dulude and his wife woke from sleep and called 911. The Dulude’s two oldest children and … Continue reading

GHS – An Introduction

OSHA’s has updated its HazCom standard (29CFR §1910.1200). They are now incorporating the United Nations GHS for classification and labeling hazardous chemicals. The ultimate goal of the GHS is to simplify the recognition and characterization of hazardous substances and to harmonize each participating country; which eliminates confusion over the potential hazards a substance possess. The GHS is an … Continue reading